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We are a networking company who works alongside professionals across the UK/Scotland/Wales and Northern Ireland. We produce meetings on a 1 - 1 basis for Financial Advisers/ Accountants and Solicitors to try and create a working relationship between each other We receive feedback on all appointments and all of these meetings prove to be extremely useful for all involved.

We're passionate about helping businesses improve their Professional Connectionnetwork These meetings will help you understand each others practice and create great business opportunities for you both all in your clients best interests!.
"Financial Advisers have changed for the better since RDR."
Mark Moore - Director

Accountants & Financial Advisers

Accountants & Financial Advisers work hand in hand when this is approached right, each others clients can see an added value, professional service on top of their already professional service. Read more

Solicitors & Financial Advisers

Our Financial Advisers have all made a conscious decision to work alongside Professional Connections and have all the experience needed to offer you an up to date dynamic working relationship that will benefit your practice. Read more

The New Pension Changes

Since Workplace Pensions and the new pension changes here which started in April 2015, we have on hand local experts who offer a free no obligation initial meeting to bring you up to speed. Read more

Guaranteed Appointments

We offer a professional appointment making service for you of which we receive feedback from all of our appointments and these are certainly far from a waste of time for all involved, contact us if you are interested in a free no obligation meeting. Read more

One of the most professional services I have used.

Why choose us?

  • A professional service providing professional people
  • Guaranteed appointments arranged for you
  • No cost and no obligation
  • All financial advisers have passed FCA exams
  • A local professional offering an up to date service


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